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1,000 armored girl who show confidence and bravery in the Metaverse.

What is SHER?

‘SHER’ is a 1,000 generative NFT art collection of heroines who exhibit strength and femininity, who are devoted to protecting the metaverse and each other.
Women, Power, Femininity, Strength are the qualities behind SHER.


'SHER', coined by a blend of ‘SHE’ and ‘HER’ implying a sense of feminine, refers to ‘a person who shows courage’ in the Oxford Dictionary. Thus, SHER goes as the theme of the project.
The idea is inspired by the fact that women always tend to disguise the inner real selves in face of the world in order to protect themselves and strengthen their ideology. Equip themselves with strong armors and weapons of different kinds at all time, they are always ready to fight with the strong will. At the same time, the different mixtures of color and pattern of armors and weapons exude the charm of their unique characters.

What is behind SHER?

SHER is a collection of 1,000 NFTs featuring Gynoid, they are live on Ethereum blockchain and born from "Ninja Turtles" and "Astroboy"'s conceptual animation designer - Jack Lee.
SHER grant you access to an exclusive NFT community of Droids, the metaverse of Gynoids and Droids, physical experience on NFC x Droids figures, future mint opportunities and more and more.
We aim to build a community on everything about robots, droids and gynoids, it can be on AI Robot design, Robot Figures Production, 3D Skills Sharing, Machine Learning, and Python Programming...etc.

Who created SHER?

SHER is created by artist Jack Lee. The work of Jack is meant to capture the unarmed moment they most released, the moment that the true them be revealed. Just like the once in a lifetime they finally meet someone whom they can open up their heart to without reservation.
Jack created four heroines coming from around the metaverse. At the initial stage, their armors were made up by simple geometric patterns only, and then more elements like traditional Japanese armors, features of animals and mechanic were added in the design. Different fashion styles had come alive! On top of that, he applied the ink wash elements to create the looming visual effect by the use of color, vividly expressing the moment the armors is about to disappear.
On Technical, Jack cooperate with METAMO - who intends to provide complete round solutions on Blockchain and Digital Assets, especially the integration between artists’ creative and Non-Fungible Token (NFT), to transform the existing substantial artworks into a tokenization world and with well-defined roadmap and marketing plan. They have contemporaries seeking different interests instead of a customary advanced degree and hail from more prominent, more settled organizations.

When will SHER be launching?

SHER is set to launch in Mar 2022, and with a several stages on Presale, Whitelist and Public Sale. While the exact launch date is set, we will be announced in our Website, Twitter and Discord. Stay Tuned!

What about SHER future?

SHER have total 10K armored girls in whole project, to keeping the freshness we targeted to launch by staging it, the first stage is 1,000 only, which is limited and came with a top Rarity - Golden version.
SHER is target to launch a NFC Figure which can be interacted seamlessly with Metaverse, we currently at the stage of the Figure production and making the 3D print ready. On Metaverse part it might be Decentraland or Sandbox, subject to which be technically support on NFC.