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As running as a community, your safety of funds and assets are always our concern. We understand the risk of scam running today on Discord, Telegram. So we are designing a new Authentication System on every messages or announcements. You may see that launch in our official website too.

We will NEVER DM you on any status updates, for latest news about Launching, Minting, please refer to following official links.

The first thing we wish you to notice is our Official Website URL:, which is combined by SHER + NFT + dot COM. While setting up SHER, we intended to choose a shorten name and the domain is not yet registered, that's why outcome.

We wish it is shorten enough for your easy recognition, and for any messages or websites sending NOT from, directly ignore is always your great choice.






Etherscan: Coming Soon

Remember, we will NEVER DM you on any SHER updates.

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